Move MS Learn training info to new email/ account

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A few months ago someone helped me migrate my MS Learn certifications to my new email address. This worked but my past training activity and XP points did not migrate across. Is it possible to also bring those across to the new email/account as well?


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Hi Jess --


Please refer to the Resources PPT I attached to this response. Pages 17-36 on how to merge multiple accounts to one Learn Profile.


Please let me know if you need any further support.


Thank you!

@Mindy_Allison thanks. Just confirming this is for two personal accounts, which have already been partially merged by MS staff. It's just the past training info that has not come across. For fear of screwing up the certifications I don't think I'll try and merge again.



Hi Jess --


Yes, it is. But I can totally understand not wanting to do anything incorrectly. 


But I am curious -- Is this past training info from Microsoft Learn?