Microsoft examination - Rescheduling issues with Pearson with coupons

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1.Hi team , I had recently participated in Microsoft Learn AI Skill Challenge and earned a coupon for Free certification in Microsoft , I had booked my Pearson VUE on June 20 for my selected exam , From their end they have cancelled before the day , when I am ready and prepared for my date of examination . They have sent a mail to reschedule due to inavailability for the center , What’s my mistake here ? Now I am unable to Reschedule my exam , and my coupon code validity is till 24 june 2024 , Which is mentioned that I Should take exam within it , Now what could I do in this Situation , The rescheduling window is not yet working or showing available options to proceed for rescheduling my examination .Kindly help me in assisting , Will I be able to use the coupon code , Since its the Test Center fault .
2. When I try to register exam again with the same coupon code , its unable to proceed to rescheduling websites sent by pearson

3. Today due to the pressure , I called the support team for the issue regarding the rescheduling portal , but they are now initimating that coupon has ended , I contacted them through many times since they have been sending mail, They said  get support from microsoft , So whats my fault here , i am so depressed regarding this which was unable to attend exam with my coupon even though i scheduled properly

4. So from their end , they asked to get support from microsoft and they will provide unique coupon again for this , So is that true or give a Solution , I missed my oppurtunity even though i was right in all side

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Hi Naren, please send me a private message with your full name and MCID number so that I can investigate further. Thank you.