MD-102 missing content from MD100

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Hello Courseware Support,


just tried to prepare for the new MD102 Course as a replacement for MD100/MD101 and I realised that nearly all content of MD100 is missing in that course. e.g. No content for


* Installation/Upgrade

* Networking

* Storage

* Support Tools (Control Panel, Settings, Eventviewer, Task-Manager, File Management etc.)

* Driver Management

* Troubleshooting


For me it looks like thats an Intune only course.


Is this intended or are these sections still missing from MD-102?

Has anyone experienced the same situation?



Mario Fuchs

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Courseware Support told me everything is on beta - stay tuned....

Now the latest titleplan tells me:

- MD100, MD101 retirement on Sep, 29.
- MD102 release on Nov, 3.

What is the truth now? How shall we deal with that?
Is the missing content coming?

For me we have to stay on MD100/101.

Mario Fuchs

@MindyAllison to the rescue!! :)

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Here is the announcement about the September 6th release of the Exams for MD/MS 102: MD-102 & MS-102 EXAM RELEASE DATE!! - Microsoft Community Hub


Currently the beta for the new exam has been completed, the system that we use for exams, has been down for maintenance. September 6th is when this will be resolved, which could potentially effect content. But I am still going to check with the content owner for you, and


Also, the November 3rd date listed on the latest Monthly Title Plan for MD-102 is not for a new release, it's the next date for the course to go through a planned update. You have to utilize the "Pub Type" column. If it says update, it's the date of an update, if it says New, then it's the date of the new course releasing. Please see below:





Please reach out if you need further support.


Thank you!

Hi Mindy,

I want not talking about the exam, I was talking about the course. MD102 vs. MD100+MD101.

* MD102 is a 90% Intune Course.
* MD100 was a client administration course.




I understand what you're saying regarding the new content of MD-102. The decision for MD-102 and the retirement of 100 and 101 is the current job role expectations and what content is currently needed to support that. 


Please see the support blog that was posted regarding this decision: Evolving Microsoft 365 certifications help keep you in sync with the new era of work - Microsoft Com...


I have shared your feedback about MD-102 with the content owner as well.


Thank you!