May Monthly Title Plan V2!!


Hello everyone,


The May Monthly Title Plan V2 is attached to this email, in case you need to send it to your Learning Partners.  We are happy to now share bi-weekly title plans each month, to ensure everyone is up to date on courseware!


IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT: MD-102 Course Release Paused:

  • It was communicated on 5/25 that MD-102 will pause its course release.
  • There are issues with the course labs that are preventing the quality of learning experience we strive to achieve.
  • Please do not schedule or deliver this course to your Learners, until we share an official date for release.

Release date is TBD

We truly apologize for the inconvenience but look forward to providing a great new course offering.



This Monthly Title Plan is in process of being posted to:

Please note: Posting the title plan to these sites will take 1-2 business days.


Thank you. 

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@Mindy_Allison Hey I would like to understand as partner, where would I access monthly title plan? 





@Mindy_Allison: Sorry I am not sure where to find the information on MB-320 ...if it retires will you only need to pass MB-300 for the cert ? Will it be replaced ? Where can I find a good update on the Business Applications certs ? THANK YOU





You can find it directly here, on this forum. Example, it is attached to this post. I post bi-weekly title plans. 


You can also go here to the Learning Partner Resources page, where it is shared also. Learning resources (


Thank you! 

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Hi Nicola!


No problem. On MS Learn they posted a really great article, explaining all the changes, and how it effects each course/certification. Please find that article here: Evolving Microsoft 365 certifications help keep you in sync with the new era of work - Microsoft Com...


Please let me know if there's anything else I can support with. Thank you