March 28, 2024 - Title Plan Question - Modern Work is dead?

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Hello @Mindy,


here are some questions regarding the Titleplan v2 03/24. As stated in the "Courseware news" tab, can you please confirm that we have correctly understood that statements:


Modern Work Portfolio: Perception that Microsoft is deinvesting in Modern Work Skills: Retirement of MS203, MS220, MS740, MS600


> Have we understand that correctly: No Replacement Courses are planned for that. These products are canceled out of the training portfolio for ever? - Not only perception is it reality?


Look to TSPs to provide training for established products: ExO, SPO, OneDrive


> Have we understand that correctly: TSPs have to design their own courses, no content available from MS.


Microsofts focus is AI/Copilot - ONLY


> nothing else anymore, only 1 Day ILT Applied Skills for Copilot/AI Content only. Everything else it going to be retired - no more in depth training.


Sorry to ask that questions so directly.



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Thanks Mario for those concrete questions!



Hi, Mario --


I appreciate your questions; I have shared them with the Content team to ensure we best support you. 


Thank you