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Good Day

Will you please address the below questions regarding the Learning Partner.

It seems as if there is quite some confusion regarding the below, I have spoken to 3 Microsoft Representatives and I got 3 different answers.

First: For learning partners who are renewing in March/April 2023 – will we renew again as legacy partners?

Second: For the Learning partner to renew the MS membership they have to achieve the requirements (1000 MOC’s, 200 PCE’s, Exams 200 and MTM score) but for the Survey scores to count towards the total, must we meet the requirements of that area (example Data and AI) under the Solutions Partner requirements (skilling)?

  • The Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 listed under skilling?

    Third: Must we meet all the Solution Partner requirements listed under each area in order to renew in March/April 2023?

    Forth: Why are all my exams purchased not counting towards my KPI points? I have pulled the report from April 2022 until Current date for all Microsoft Exams purchased on the Arvato account, fundamentals and Advanced vouchers and I have sent it to our Microsoft representative, she has a different number of exams than I have. It seems as if the exam vouchers purchased under the Course Code (purchased the DMOC and the Exam at the same time) does not count, only exams purchased through the Exam only (fundamental or Advanced) link is picked up.

    Also I cannot see any of my current attained KPI’s on my account – it makes it hard for us to keep track of where we are lacking in terms of KPI’s met and not yet met.

    There are different requirements listed under the Solutions Partner link, and then the Specialization links.

    Under the current Microsoft Learn link, there is no information regarding my Exam, survey or DMOC info.

    Must Legacy partners meet all Solution Partner requirements (Performance, Skilling, Customer Success) in order to renew March/April 2023?

    Or just the requirements set out in the Microsoft Meeting

    - 1000 courseware

    - 200 Exam Units (adv = 1 point, Fund = 0.5 points)

    - Performance - meet one solutions area (min 200 surveys completed, advanced courses only, must have associated MCT) (or will the surveys only count if the full Solution Partner requirements are met for the specific area?)

    - Quality 4.25 + survey response score

    Please clarify this.

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