How to download Microsoft Learning Partner Logo or badge

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I am a Microsoft Learning Partner, but I don't know where to download the latest Microsoft Learning Partner Logo or badge. Currently, on the MCCP website, there are logos available for download for Microsoft partners, but they do not include the wording "Learning Partner." Can you please tell me where I can download the latest Microsoft Learning Partner Logo or badge?

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Hi Mason,

You're going to want to read the PDFs listed here.
The KPI system has changed, and now badges are reserved for the Learning Partners who maintain a higher standard. Please read the program overview, where the KPIs needed to attain a badge are listed.

Hope this was helpful!
Hi Mason,

The logos you can access on Partner Center / Logo Builder are those permitted for your organization. In the old silver / gold program our partners could only differentiate at the competency level and not at the Learning Partner level. Meaning, there were no Learning-specific badges.

Now that we're launching our new program (and have already started providing access to the new logos) we will have this differentiation with the Training Services designation. As Joshua mentioned, access to that badging is reserved for those organizations that meet the new program requirements. However, partners who do not meet the threshold still have access to Microsoft Partner logos, as you mentioned you currently see in Partner Center.