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Today I took the exam in portuguese.

Since they gave this option I was really frustrated to see that the questions in the exam were badly written and had mistakes that made the question unclear, dubious and hard to understand.

Furthermore, the names of the Microsoft products were different from their training program on Microsoft Learn, where I spent MANY hours studying, also in portuguese.

If I had known the test in portuguese would be this flawed and would hinder me from achiving a decent score, I would have taken it in English or not taken at all.

I Request a re-evaluation of my test score and my exam.

Thank you

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Hi @Sofia_K940, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. 


I'll be sure to pass on your feedback to the appropriate product team. However, this is a forum for Training Serivces Partners and not learners / exam takers. With that, I don't have a path for recourse to provide you here. 


I recommend that you bring your concerns to your testing center and have them escalate via the appropriate channels. This is the best path to ensure your voice is heard. 



Hi @DanDonohue,


Thank you for your response.


Can you please send me the number and email of the people responsible for reviewing the test?

I took the test online on OnVue. What would be the testing center you referred to? 

Thank you,







Hi Sofia. No, I am not permitted to provide that information here. I recommend you reach out to your testing center for additional escalation as this forum is reserved for our Training Services partners. Thanks.