Duration Change for PL-200, MB-700 & MB-800

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The duration of the MB-700, MB-800, and PL-200 has some confusion. The duration of these trainings has been changed from 4 days to 5 days in the most recent title plan. Additionally, MS Learn displays a 5-day duration for all of these trainings. I just wanted to be sure. Will these trainings now go for five days?

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@DanDonohue can you help here? :) Thank you.




Hi Aaqib --


I received your email as well. So I figured I'd just answer you here. :)


What you stated is accurate. I have shared on the most recent Training Service Partner call, as well as the July one (I believe) that some courses will be having Applied Workshops added to them. This changes the duration of the course by a day, unless the course is already a 5-day course, in that instance we keep it at 5 days. This extra day of Applied Workshops is very value adding to the Learner and provides a real hands-on experience of the content they have learned. Essentially, it's not an extra day of ILT Course delivery for the course, but an extra day added to benefit the Learner, and you can schedule your course deliveries accordingly to what works best. 


Please see the slides below to help better support.  And let me know how else I can support.


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Hi @Mindy_Allison ,


In the community call, where you had shown the courseware updates, there was no update for the PL-500 duration change; I just wanted to re-confirm on PL-500 as this would also be a part of the Applied workshop.






Hello --


Yes, on my reply prior, I shared slides from the call that shows PL-500 as a 5-day course. I just kept a few on the courseware update slide, as it was updated 8/18 and then shared all the Applied Workshop course changes on its own dedicated slide. 


Thank you for clarifying!

@Mindy_Allison I wanted to get more clarity on the applied workshops. The slides that was shared are broad/high level only


Will these be a combination of additional MS Learn content and labs or just on labs?

If on labs, then I assume the labs that we purchase already has this included? Also, I do think this drives a lot more value, however, as I have not experienced the applied workshops myself, I am keen to understand more on how this should be run by an instructor (best practice).  Is it a scenario that is given and based on your knowledge you gained from the course, you can now build a "solution" with instructor support?

Does the students access this directly from the lab environment?


Essentially what I am looking for is a explanation of what it is in a bit more detail and how is it accessed from both instructor and student.



Hello -- thank you for your questions!


The slide I shared outlines exactly what an Applied Workshop is. It is not a "lab" Please see highlighted in yellow, below. This is an extra day of practice, for the Learner to apply the skills they have learned during the course delivery. 




Also, there are trainer prep materials available on the Learning Download Center. It explains exactly what that specific course Applied Workshop covers, how to prep, prepare and deliver the additional day. (This was shared in the last two Partner Community Calls should you want to check the recordings/decks from those calls)


Thank you!

@Mindy_Allison I am very interested in reviewing this workshop however I am the owner of a MS Learning partner so can you please help me get access to these materials?  Thank you!

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Of course. I can atleast get you a copy of one from a course. :)


I have messaged you with my email address. Please reach out to me on there! (Also just reiterate what you are looking for to spark my memory just so I can ensure I get you the support you need!)


thank you.