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Hello - my company is new to the Microsoft Partnership and we were told we should have a DPM.  How do we go about getting one assigned to us?




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Hi @jessryu, and welcome to Microsoft. 


I am assuming you are referring to a partner manager within the Training Services Program. We do not assign partner managers as a condition of joining the program. However, I can help direct you to some additional resources: 


  • First, you'll want to be sure you join our monthly partner Community Calls. This is where we provide updates across program, courseware, certification, marketing, labs, and other topics. We have a running thread with meeting invites and links to the call after they occur. 
  • Our documentation is on the Learning Resources site. That site has files and additional subfolders (known as "collections"). You'll want to get familiar with the documentation in the Getting Started collection

Happy to answer any questions you may have here, or feel free to send me a direct message.