DP203 certificate not available on Learn profile

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I appeared for DP 203 certification on June 18, 2024 and cleared the exam. I have also received confirmation email with the certification ID, but the certificate is not yet available on my Microsoft learn profile under Credentials.certification id.

Could you please check and upload the certificate to my profile. Please let me know if you want me to share the certification id or any other required detail.

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Hi Neeraj, I'm sorry you're experiencing issues with this. While I don't have specific knowledge on this topic you can check out to the Credentials support page here: https://learn.microsoft.com/credentials/support/help. There is a notice on that page regarding certification profile merging being currently offline. That may or may not have impacted this - I don't have insight into that. 


About halfway down the page I see: "For all other Microsoft Certification issues, get help through the Credential Support Forums." which would be my suggestion for getting resolution to your issue.