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Hi Mindy,

We have seen an announcement of a New DP-500 5-day course in todays MCT Newsletter :

I have checked the Title release and slide deck from LP webinar and there was no mention of this.  The date on the Newsletter states 30th June - will this be a release of the New Course and will the old DP500 be full replaced?
we need to make some fast plans to pivot if this is is truly a new course and is due to come out in only a few weeks.

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Its unlikely that microsoft have produced anything of note that is different from the old DP-500 in that time.  Maybe wait 3 to 4 months with unexplained delays before a "NEW"" course is released.  We will see.

Mindy over to you.

Nice that the MCT's get to see this, oh they only get the May 15th course release notes on the MCT site.

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Hi Isha –


I appreciate you reaching out and bringing this to my attention.


This is indeed a copy error, and I truly apologize about that and any stress it may have caused.


The update should have been published as so:




The June newsletter is our last time utilizing that as a source of communication. I will make a forum post to all Learning Partners calling out the error as well. Let me know if there’s anything else I can I can do to support.


Thank you, have a great weekend!