Credit card required to activate a P2 trial on an Azure tenant

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We've noticed a concerning trend: issues previously affecting Microsoft 365 courses, like the requirement for credit card details, now seem to be impacting Azure courses (AZ-104, AZ-500, AZ-800). This issue interrupts our students' training, as they're unexpectedly prompted for credit card information.


Could this matter be investigated? Similar problems were observed with Microsoft 365 tenants, and it's essential to resolve this for Azure courses to ensure uninterrupted learning.


Thank you for your attention to this issue.


Best regards, Marnix Wolf

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@Marnix Wolf 


Thank you for sharing this. I made a post late yesterday concerning this issue, found here: URGENT: Labs Impacted by changes to Entra tenant: AZ-104, AZ-500, AZ-800 - Microsoft Community Hub


Currently the Content Owners are looking into these issues, and we hope to have an update by end of week.