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Major Update: 10/20/23

Type of change: Trainer PPT Decks - This update has been moved to a 10/20 release with major content updates and the new PPT templates. 

This update introduces four new, comprehensive learning paths and their associated modules, designed to provide essential knowledge and skills for success in Azure security and infrastructure management. These pathways seamlessly align with the role of an Azure Security Engineer and the existing AZ-500 exam study guide, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive learning experience tailored to your Azure certification journey.
High-level description of updates:
  • Learning Path 1: Manage Identity and Access
    • This path equips you with the ability to secure users, groups, and external identities in Microsoft Entra ID while implementing advanced identity protection measures.
  • Learning Path 2: Secure Networking
    • Learn how to plan and implement robust security measures for virtual networks, private access, and public-facing resources, ensuring the utmost protection for your network infrastructure.
  • Learning Path 3: Secure Compute, Storage, and Databases
    • Gain expertise in advanced security configurations for compute resources, storage accounts, Azure SQL Database, and Managed Instances, enhancing the security posture of your cloud infrastructure.
  • Learning Path 4: Manage Security Operations
    • In this path, you'll delve into governance, data collection, security posture management, and threat protection, utilizing Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Azure Sentinel to safeguard your environment.


Other Courseware publishing changes:
  • AI-102: 11/3 publishing date to 12/1: 
    •  Lab solution is still in development. Major update, including course content and new PPT Templates
  • MB-230: 10/20 publishing date to 11/3
    • Major update only includes new PPT Templates


NOTE: October Title Plan will be on Tuesday, 10/24. I apologize for the delay, but I want to ensure I provide you a title plan with the most accurate dates.

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