Coupons recovery

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Hi everyone! I have claimed some coupons in my email IDs but I didn't copied it and unfortunately the email containing coupons was deleted. now i want to recover my coupons. can somebody please help me to find it?

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@MindyAllison got someone that could use your assist. :) Thank you kindly!

@bilalahmad869 Hi there!


Could you provide me with a little bit more detail as to what the coupons are for and where they came from? I want to be able to better support you.


Thank you!

it was coupons from our higher education and it was meant for MOS or Microsoft office specialist exams. By using these coupons I can took any Microsoft office exams with 100% discount. But unfortunately i deleted some emails and there are still some of them but  when i paste it in, coupon field it didn't work and displays error message that its invalid.