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Hi Team,


I am looking for Community Course which were made available in Courseware Marketplace earlier. It is understood that the Community Courseware will be available in Skillpipe till 31st December 2023. Is there any information where I can look for the Community Courseware moving forward.


Thanks in a advance.

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Are you looking to purchase a community courseware title, or access a title which was purchased via Courseware Marketplace previously?

Hi @dwilliams5200,


I am actually would like to know the availability of Community courses moving forward. Should there be the courses to be available, where is the right source to purchase? Are the course to be shut down completely?


Anyway, I have opened a support ticket to Arvato Team to enquire about this too. So, I am looking forward to their reply.

I have received the feedback from the Arvato Team. So, I would like to close this discussion.

@Thevagi_Selvamaney can you share what you heard back for others to read? Thank you! 

@JillArmour @Thevagi_Selvamaney @dwilliams5200 


We had previously shared the below list of Community Courseware contacts on the April Community Call. This is a list provided and maintained by Arvato, so I am unaware if there is a new resource. Link is to a box shared folder so I'm not sure if it will play nice with everyone's security settings: 


I've downloaded and attached the list as it is today.