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Having just spoken to my wonderful MCT, she has expressed concerns that the content provided to MCTs from the slides is not able to allow her to provide the best training - large chunks are bullet points with no context or support, and the rest of the slides are content/notes overload and therefore unpresentable to delegates.


She is also having issues with the labs, her feedback is below:


  1. The instructions are often not clear - the steps are often not in line with what appears on screen in the updated UI. It's confusing learners and they struggle to navigate around the application - they then can only focus on the aspect of navigating around, with frustration, which then impacts them also in the way they learn about what the exercise is actually trying to teach them.
  2. The numbering is often askew as well... when asking learners to repeat the previous steps in most cases, that numbering does not match.
  3. Often when you have a lot of steps within a task, it's confusing to have them listed as a-b-c-d, because it is not easy to tick off what you have done - and therefore easy to miss a step.



Any thoughts?

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Hi @Richard_Parker 


This isn't my area of expertise and I stumbled across your question while searching for something else.  I'm sorry you're not happy with the training content. I'm sure someone in the training dept. can help make the course(s) easier for you to follow. 


I suggest that you contact the training team by clicking on the FAQ+ Help tab at the top of the page: 




Hope this helps :smile:


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For courseware content issues, please ensure we are sharing the appropriate resources. We have a full tier 1 and tier 2 customer service support team for all things ILT Course content and Microsoft Learn. Please see this post: Learning Partner Support Channel 


Thank you!



Hi Richard -


I truly appreciate you sharing feedback of MB-800. I apologize for the difficulties this has given your MCT while delivering this course. 


I will be sharing this feedback directly with the content owner of the course and get back to you. Would you be able to provide any details, or examples for what you are referring to. 


For future course content issues/feedback. Please utilize our Learning Partner Customer Service and Support. The post explaining this can be found here: Learning Partner Support 


Thank you!


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