AZ500 New content vs MS Learn material

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Can anyone advise.  I'm a Microsoft trainer and have been prepping the new version of AZ500 which has so much new content.  However, the MSLearn material does not reflect any of the new material, ie Microsoft Verified ID, Entra Permissions Management, Microsoft Purview.  The MSLearn content definitely still follows the old course.  There's also one slide on Microsoft Entra Connect - and then the lab in github is still doing that one, there used to be a whole section on Directory synchronisation.  The same is true for Firewall, one slide now for the lab.


So... do I teach my class this week, the new content or the old content.  I looked at the exam objectives and they mention some of the new stuff, but when I look back I see the old exam objectives mentioned them as well, although it was never covered!!


Is there a date that maybe MSLearn material will be updated and reflect the new instructor content?

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@Mindy_Allison can you help?



Hello --


I just reached out to the content owner regarding AZ-500 and the MS Learn modules not aligning.


I will get back to you once I hear anything.


Thank you for reaching out!