April V1 Title Plan out now!

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The Monthly Title Plan for April V1 is attached to this post. The Title Plan can also be found in the following locations:



We have removed retired courses from the Title Plan after they have been retired for 30 days. For future reference, a list of all retired courses can be found here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/certifications/retired-courses

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Could we please get an update on the updates due to both SC-200 & MS-102?

Both were due 26th April but there appears to be no changes in the Learning Download Center, GitHub or MS Learn content.


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Hi Dave --


The title plan notes for MS-102 states: 5/24 Major Update: Pushing out from 5/10 -- course update per Jan 2024 JTA revisions.  It is also highlighted in the courseware news tab as well, shown below.





Apologies for the delay of this major update, but we have communicated in the title plan the delay, and this is ultimately at the decision of the content owner. I know this was presented at the TSP call showing 5/10 on the slide, but the release date was decided to be pushed back the day after the call. But as we share and I'm sure you know, release dates are always subject to change.


SC-200 has been updated and released. I have checked all content and trainer materials as well. Please let me know if you see differently on your end still.


Thank you.