AI Bootcamps for Educators: Join now!


AI bootcamps for Educators – Join now! The Future Skilling team is excited to announce the launch of the new AI Bootcamp for Educators offering.


We would like to partner with you to deliver the AI Bootcamp for Educators. The paid service offered by TSPs is flexible in duration (two to four days) and customized to the education institution’s need when they register with you for the bootcamp. Bootcamp content is based on AI-900: Azure AI Fundamentals and AI-102: Designing and Implementing Azure AI Solutions. The bootcamp will be taught to educators by Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) from your network. You will have access to key teaching and learning resources to support the educator and their students in their AI learning journey, such as a comprehensive curriculum and additional learning.


Call to action:

  • Review the AI Bootcamps for Educators resources for TSPs: TSP support documents can be accessed from the following link
  • Register for TSP onboarding: Onboarding sessions to support TSP preparation to deliver the AI Bootcamps for Educators will be offered from late February through March. During these onboarding sessions TSPs will get an in-depth overview of the AI Bootcamps and its resources. Registrants will be sent a Teams Live link to join the onboarding session. Join using the aka links included below:
  • Join the AI Bootcamps for Educators landing page: TSPs that plan to deliver the bootcamps can share their information on the MSLE AI Bootcamps for Educators landing page. By completing this form your contact information will be added to the list of TSPs delivering the bootcamps and be visible to education customers on the Microsoft Learn for Educators (MSLE) page. Customers will then review the list of TSPs and contact the TSP of their choice to negotiate services and delivery of the AI Bootcamps.
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