A letter verifying an organization is a Microsoft Partner

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I have a Microsoft Learning Partner who signed up as a Microsoft Action Pack Learning Partner this year requesting a letter showing they are a valid and verified Microsoft Learning Partner. In the "Benefits" section of the Partner Portal, there is no letter generation capability.


In the previous Partner Program, there was the ability to download a letter if you were a silver or gold partner and that functionality has come through onto the partner portal for the new program.


But a new partner here needs to submit a letter stating they are a Microsoft Learning Partner for a government tender. If the functionality of creating a letter is not available, how do they prove that they are a Microsoft Learning Partner? CC @JillArmour 

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Thanks Chintan. You are correct, the LAPs level does not have an official letter available within Partner Center. We have been creating those manually for LAPs partners who need it. Please email me and include the partner and we can get the process started.
Hello Dan, I am also facing the same issue. would be grateful if I also could get a letter generated
thank you

@sadranyi Responded to your DM. Thanks for reaching out. 

@DanDonohue responded in your DM thanks so much

@DanDonohue  having the same issue, need a letter in Spanish for panama. Help please!