How to install android apps on the computer by downloading apk files form internet in window 11?

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I know how to install android apps in computer but there is a problem disturbing me. It can only be done in window 11. Steps to do it-download windows subsystem for android form Microsoft store>Open windows subsystem for android>turn on developer mod>get the Ip address below the developer mode settings or the Ip address in the developer mode turn on off>Turn on Visualization Technology form your BIOS>download SKD platform tools - >go to your download folder and extract this developer file and name it as adb and save it>open the adb folder>open platform tools>click  the tab at the top bottom where it shows the file location>type cmd>type adb connect and the IP address you got>it will connect but it will show you that it is not connected>keep typing adb connect and your IP address and it will show already to connected to this and this>download a apk file and open the cmd again form the same process of platform tools>go to download folder>cops as path of the apk file>go to cmd>type adb install and paste the path of the apk> it should get installed but the problem showing is adb: error.



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