Does Azure DevOps Services work with older versions of Visual Studio?


I'm trying to convince my management that moving off of our old TFS 2015 to Azure DevOps Services would be a great idea. I can think of many good reasons to do so and have received more reasons from people when I asked for additional reasons.


However, some of the answers I've received make me wonder how well older versions of Visual Studio will work with Azure DevOps Services. I use VS 2022 and occasionally 2019. Many of my fellow developers do the same thing. But some of my fellow developers at work refuse to stop using VS 2015, and older. I don't know how many of my colleagues are adamant about never upgrading to a current version of Visual Studio, but I know there are some. For them the old TFS 2015 suits them well and it works with the Visual Studio they know. But if we try to make a CI/CD pipeline, using Azure Pipelines in Azure DevOps Services, then would it work? 

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