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Hello everyone! 


I've been attempting to use the Volunteer Management and Engagement solution for Non-Profits. So far I've been able to deploy them both and do some inputting of information. However, they don't seem to be matching up. I've inputted opportunities but they either don't show up on the engagement portal or there is an error message. 


I've also had a hard time getting them to merge on either of my environments. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?



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Hi! Can you please let us know what error message you're seeing, or the mismatch you're seeing between the solutions?


1) The Fundraising and Engagement App is your primary friend here

2) Ensure you set up a Configuration record, and associate it to Users who will be creating Opportunities, Donor Commitments, and Payments. This was a major cause of script errors for me when i was getting used to things

@smoffatt820 Try updating your dynamics 365 instance int he power platform admin portal https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-pages/admin/update-dynamics365-instance