Transactions: Household Records in Donor Field

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Hello all-Has anyone figured out how to configure F&E so that you can enter a Household donation from Transactions? I'm able to enter a donation from the Household Account record, but if I'm able to trick a standalone transaction to accept a Household account, it gives me an error that households cannot be entered as a donor.



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I think it is by design that only organization or contact records should be added as donor. Could you please help us with the reason or purpose on why you want to enter the household record in donation to understand the requirements.

@Rajesh2381 Thank you for asking. This is the use case:

  • My husband and I make a donation together via cash to an organization
  • This is a Household donation, and not just from one of us as a contact
  • We want to be acknowledged as the Dukes household, and receive our annual giving statements as a unit, rather than as individuals.
  • Ideally, we would both be soft credited for the donation