Preference Categories: Seeking Documentation

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Hello All,


I'm setting up my configurations and am having trouble understanding where the Preference Categories show up on records and how to retrieve/utilize what I enter into the configuration area. Could someone please share documentation on how that is used once it's configured?

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Hello @DevinDukes 
Please find the below link for documentation for Preference categories and let me know if any further questions. 

Thank you - are you able to share how it is accessed when a user is on a record? That's what I am having trouble finding.

Hello @DevinDukes 

The Preference Categories is linked with Contacts,Account & Opportunity only. 



Thank you-could you please tell me where they appear on the Contact, Account and Opportunity records? I can't find where to access them once I have added them to the configuration.

Hello @DevinDukes 


the upper right corner, there is a preference and when the user clicks on add preference, there is another lookup field to add a preference category.




Hi @Rajesh2381 thank you - I'm now seeing that in the Account and Contact records. Since they can either be applied to an Opportunity or an Event, can you please send a screenshot of where to track a Contact's preference categories on an Opportunity record?

Hello @Devin_Dukes 

Please find the below screenshot for the Contact preference in which we need to create the opportunity preference. 


This Opportunity Preference will be visible in Opportunity  under opportunity preferences




@Rajesh2381 sorry-one more thing. Those preferences are designed to show in this tab. Can you please explain how the data feeds to there? Does it populate Existing Preferences from the Contact record?