Language limitations

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Hi everyone, I'm new here in this community, but I'm so excited to start talking about Microsoft Nonprofit Cloud solutions. Once I'm from Brazil I see a huge limitation to implant features such as Fundraising and Engagement, Volunteer Management/Engagement since they are all in English only. To me as an IT the language isn't a problem, but when it comes to users, they don't want to go through software in English only. 

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Hi Ricardo - The multi languages support with power platform extend to Microsoft Cloud for Non Profit solutions as a foundation. Fundraising and Engagement and Volunteer Management and Engagement solutions are built on the power platform. That being said there are areas in the solution where we need to add additional location - and that's on our roadmap.

Hello Jivtesh Singh. Yes, I know there is a way to change the language in the power platform. But when I change it for Portuguese for example, I can't see the application with all its resources, only a few menus are changed. If I want to open the application and see all the features I have to set English as a language. But it's very good to know that this is on your roadmap. Thanks for your answer!