Having trouble deploying Fundraising and Engagement

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We have a Fundraising and Engagement license however, the cloud solution center says I have one or licenses missing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We'd like access to Fundraising and Engagement as well as the Constituent marketing journeys. 

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Hi Gavin, FnE and CIJ are separate licenses. FnE is licensed per user and CIJ is licensed per tenant. I hope that helps!

Hey @gavinarblaster


For help determining if you have the correct licenses, please reach out to the team here: Nonprofit - Contact Us 




- Meenah

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Submitted! Thank you for the tip.

This link provides information about which prerequisite licences are required for different elements of the Cloud for Nonprofit: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/industry/nonprofit/buy


These are all in addition to the 'Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Add-on license'.

Thanks... It feels like Microsoft is luring in nonprofits with all of these offerings but then charging a boat load for hidden add-on licensing and capacity. It's a bit frustrating when we've invested so much time and money in these products especially when there are so many cheaper/free alternatives for nonprofits. This is a vent post, but get it together Microsoft!