Getting the run around "assigning" Fundraising and Engagement license

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I opened a support ticket because I received the following error while assigning a F&E license:

"Sorry! The subscription you were looking for was not found.

In Admin Centre my Products under Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Basic

Shows we have 0/25 licenses assigned. 

I opened a support ticket and the support agent alerted me to this message:

"Your partner activated this subscription for your org. Contact them to add or remove licenses, change billing settings, or manage other subscription details."


I called the "partner" who say's "Cloud for NonProfit is the base level integration piece, you have to add on licenses in the key areas of D365"

I don’t know what to say.

All I want is Fundraising and Engagement in Basic $0/month

However, MS support says before this can be installed my reseller needs to activate a cloud for nonprofit license.  After a brief teams call. I get more run around by email.

It seems my "partner" has not/will not/cannot activate.

Anyone else experience this run around?

I have since reactivated the ticket. Stay tuned.                                                                                                               

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I'm so sorry to hear about this experience. I'm going to provide some general information first (all of which you might know, but if you don't could be helpful, but could help others reading this post), then let me get to some of the more specific issues you raise.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Basic ($0) offering (which includes Fundraising and Engagement) requires the underlying licenses on D365 (Dynamics Sales). Think of Fundraising and Engagement as something built on top of Dynamics, so you need the Dynamics foundation to use the Fundraising and Engagement pieces that are built on top of it. We have a grant for eligible nonprofits for 5 free Dynamics licenses, so the total cost for 5 users can still be $0, but the licenses do need to be in place. Beyond the 5th user, there is discounted licenses nonprofits--don't quote me on official prices per license, but I believe it was somewhere around $25/per user per month.

Obviously, I don't know the partner you're working with, however they should be able to navigate you through the licensing process. Note: Implementing Dynamics and Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit does typically require a good partner. Often these partners charge for their services. Microsoft (obviously) doesn't set/mandate pricing to our partners, though we do try to forge relationships with partners who responsive to the needs of the industry, in terms of pricing as well as the broader context nonprofits operate in.

Again, this is certainly not the experience we hope for, but nevertheless we appreciate the feedback. It will continue to inform our journey to be more responsive to nonprofits and provide them with a better experience.

I will continue to "Stay Tuned"