Fundraising and Engagement without Costumer Insights?

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We are a nonprofit considering Fundraising and engagement which by itself looks great.

However, we are yet a small nonprofit, so we don’t have the financial means to invest in Dynamics 365 Costumer Insights at this point. We find Costumer Insights to be very expensive compared to other Microsoft nonprofit offers.

Is F&E still valuable if we combine it with Mailchimp? 
- How do we communicate campaigns and get results? In two separate systems? 
- Does Mailchimp engagement journeys work together with F&E or would we maintain two separate systems? 

What about the leadscoring and “Likelihood to donate" in F&E? How does these perform when we don’t use Costumer Insights engagement journeys, website engagement and more? We assume the data collections lowers and thus making the leadscoring worse.

Hope someone has relevant experiences to share. 

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I'm in the process of looping in a product expert to answer your question and will follow-up with you soon.


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I hope to get an answer to this as well... From what I can tell is that the tables that fundraising and engagement uses are available in the Common Data Model for Nonprofits solution, so you could potentially build out a front end yourself. However, it would be nice to have a basic app available to at least start from.
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The Fundraising and Engagement works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Marketing. Therefore, Microsoft provides a variety of connectors that allow you to integrate with other platforms. This connector can be used to integrate Mailchimp with Microsoft products, potentially including Microsoft’s Fundraising and Engagement solution. However, the integration between these two systems or the specifics of this integration can vary based on your organization’s needs and the exact configurations of your systems.
Here is some documentation for you to keep as a reference:

This isn't a direct answer, but if you're at a small nonprofit and Customer Insights is cost-prohibitive, I'd be questioning whether F&E is actually the right solution. It might be more effort/cost to build, configure, and maintain than you are expecting...