F&E Lifetime Giving Calculation

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Hello! Is there a way we can trigger manually the call of the YearlyGivingFromEntity Azure Function instead of creating a transaction? The function was in a failed state when some transactions were uploaded. I updated it and it is running perfect now but I would like to get the contact yearly information updated.


Any help is highly appreciated!

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Hi @maritere ,

Yes, you can manually call the YearlyGivingFromEntity Azure Function.

You can call from applications like Postman and even directly from Azure Portal.

For both cases you'll need the Entity Name (for contact would be "contact") and Contact ID.

If you aim to use an application like Postman you'll need to gather the Azure Function Security Key similarly to what is described on Deploy Fundraising and Engagement manually.

If you aim to use Azure Portal itself you need to go the Azure Function itself and click on Test/Run button and fill the required parameters.

You might be asked to allow the request from the Azure Portal due to CORS requirement, you can click on the message to enable it.