Dynamics 365 five free seats for non-profit

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Has anyone been successful at getting the five free seats from Microsoft for Dynamics 365? I keep going in a circle between them and MS Partners. Microsoft says I have to go through a partner to get the 5 seats, but I have talked with three different MS Partners and they each tell me to talk to Microsoft. I have been trying to obtain these five seats for several weeks now and I can't seem to find anyone that can help me. 

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@Rachel_Ryerson - I have the same issue. It took a considerable amount of time to find the Dynamics 365 CE plan was deprecated, and have requested the 5 license grant offer, but nothing yet. The process is horrendous, as I make it very clear I would like contact from an account manager as we are a commercial direct customer, but instead I keep getting pitched at by consultants from varying locations. 

It should of been as simple as some of the other grants to just "accept" not have to go through the hoops they have set out.


Here's crossing fingers someone from Microsoft reads this and acts on it...

You need to find a partner able to support you especially for your country and for NGOs - than you able to get started in less than 10 days. Not all partners are able to help you. You need to find the once helping NGOs Good luck

@Rachel_Ryerson - Have you tried the Connect with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner to support your nonprofit form? It should connect you to a partner who's familiar with the Microsoft Nonprofit Dynamics offering, and hopefully unblock you. 

As both the founder of a nonprofit that has free Dynamics seats and as a Dynamics Partner myself, I would agree with @ChristineM. The licenses must be added to your account by a Partner who participates in the nonprofit program and is trained in the solution. The link below should match you with a participating Partner. There are typically some minimal services offered free of charge, but most organizations will require more help.