Donation Import table's Organization Name requirement in Fundraising & Engagement

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We're trying to leverage the Donation Import table to send data from our third-party service (Soapbox Engage) into Fundraising and Engagement for donors that are making personal donations (i.e. not on behalf of an organization and without a company associated with them). It seems that the msnfp_organizationname field on the Donation Import table is required, and is stopping the processing of the Donation Import record due to the field being null for these very common donations.


Is this expected behavior? What should one put into the msnfp_organizationname field if no organization is associated with the donation? We swear that this wasn't the case just a few releases ago, maybe this is a recent change?

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This feels like a pretty big blocker for any organization trying to use the Donation Imports table on the latest version of F&E.  I've been trying to get Microsoft support eyes on this, and will share updates if we hear anything.


Anyone else able to replicate this?