Connect Fundraising & Engagement with Business Central

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Hey Community,

for one of our customers we are thinking about using the NGO-Cloud espacially the Fundraising & Engagement App. This is a small german NGO so the german regulations require a "real" financial system in the background for processing and documenting transaction. 

As the NGO Cloud is working out of the box we have to use the so called payment processor/gateways to process financial transactions. First thing i was wondering:
Did anybody manage to setup a custom payment processor that isnt using Stripe but Business Central?

Does anybody found some documentation in regards to setting up custom payment processor?


Looking into the NGO Cloud it very much looks like that all the Apps are build for the USmarket. Does anybody have an opinion about wether it is a good idea to roll out the NGO Cloud for german market? or is it better to only install the common data model? 

THX!!! :) 

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Hey, you can easily integrate other payment processor to Business Central or Fundraising and Engagement via Power Automate or other Azure Services like logic apps. For the german market, it depends what you want to do. Business Central does not offer any NGO related features like printing Donation receipts etc. My suggestion would be to implement Fundraising and Engagement and Business Central and connect both systems, which is also quite easy.
Thats an interesting issue. If interested i could assist you to find and implement an adequate solution.