Withdraw W11 release.

Withdraw W11 release.



 Oct 30 2021
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As a Computer Information Systems professor at Glendale Community College, I have recommended that none of my students "upgrade" to Windows 11 for at least a year. After finding that it has severely affected the operation of the Office 365 apps, I believe Microsoft has released this product far too early and has not performed even basic testing of its impact on fundamental Windows apps.

I really recommend pulling the product off the shelf before it results in an XP type disaster.

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I'm not teaching youth, but if I were in your shoes – I'd pick the best students to install Windows11 and let them work on this system to give constructive feedback to Microsoft through the Windows Feedback Hub app.

Of course, this would help for university-wide implementations.

You will definitely receive a response from the MTC Community Manager.

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I am somehwat in agreement but I advise my student to only wait about 120 days because most of the serious bugs will be fixed and absent a registry hack it can only be installed on 8th gen or newer Intel CPUs and newer computers from other CPU makers.


However, I could be wrong, but this seems to be a product related posting rather than the "non product" postings that should be here in the Lounge.


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@motoramps-com Hi

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - Microsoft Tech Community


Yes this post is clear enough.

But I see that academia is waiting - without contributing to the development of Windows11.

The attitude of Insider program participants in these circumstances is commendable!

. It is a pity that academia does not cooperate in the Insider program with their 

the best students.

Sorry if I made a mistake! 


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Thanks for the idea! However, this space is only for ideas specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for Microsoft products. Sorry about that.