Windows file explorer, copy filename

Windows file explorer, copy filename



 Oct 09 2021
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I would be nice to be able to right click a file or folder in windows explorer and be able to copy the name of the file/folder for pasting elsewhere.


@Thomas Kristiansen 

There are two different methods as mentioned below:


1. You can copy the file name along with the full path in Windows 11.Screenshot 2021-10-10 213253.png



2. You can also use the command line (cmd) to copy all files and folder names to a text file.


dir /b > c:\file-name.txt​


The above command will copy all the files and folder names from the current directory, and save the text file in the root of system drive (c:).

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Thanks for the idea! However, this space is only for ideas specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for Microsoft products. Sorry about that.

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