Windows 7 To Continue as a Service

Windows 7 To Continue as a Service



 Jul 19 2020
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My Idea is to continue Windows 7 as SaaS being that so many computers still use Windows 7 and the operating system is currently on Extended Support Status but many companies and governments around the world have been dissatisfied with Windows 10 due to the frequent updates and how frequently the operating system breaks down on people.


This is a problem that was broken with Windows 8.x and continued to be broken in Windows 10.  To fix the issue, one must manually edit Windows within the registry to have the same amount of protection in Windows 8.x and Windows 10.  Just trust me when I say there is a good reason why this vulnerability is marked as a 0.  The hint it is still an issue but I will leave it at that and direct you to the experts at Carnegie Mellon University for more data; although my guess is they will have no comment on the issue involved.

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Hello! This is an idea space for the Microsoft Tech Community website itself, not individual products. Sorry about that. 

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