Windows 11 Flex & Windows 11 secure

Windows 11 Flex & Windows 11 secure



 Mar 23 2022
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Windows 11, bypassing the watermark through the registry, I know it's annoying not being able to run Windows 11 and PCs without some of the requirements. My idea is divided into two points of view, who agrees with the attitudes and who disagrees. For those who are in favor, I suggest changes in relation to the Windows registry, many things of maximum alert are changed by pirates to modify the entire structure of the system, since Windows 11 is so tied to security, it's time to block some things good windows registry that facilitate hacking. For years the record was the same, it's time for it to change and be a more restricted record. Block access to the Windows 11 registry to stop piracy. Block it for real, to be impossible for pirates to access. Point for those who don't like Windows 11, due to the high disposal of parts it is necessary to have a way for people who cannot buy old PCs and discard theirs, this pollutes the environment, collaborates for catastrophic actions, we already have problems with the layer of ozone. I advise you to create a Windows 11 Flex, for old computers, google already has Chrome OS Flex, and a possible risk to Microsoft, do what I'm saying, in the end Windows should be for everyone, rich and poor, small and big . I support the Windows 11 Flex initiative, a Windows for everyone and the environment. As for security in Flex without TPM, it's time to look at Linux, as isolated, it could use a debian base, arch or a DOS Hybrid with Linux Kernel, allowing the execution of msi, exe but with an advantage, use the Linux Kernel with an open source base and all! Guys, let's fight for a Windows 11 Flex, of all and for all, without TPM, of the people and against the prrjuiso and illegal disposal of old equipment! Insist, use #Windows11FlexLinuxBase Windows 11 normal for those who agree with TPM and etc. Windows 11 Flex, for everyone and for the environment. Secure and with Linux Kernel! Personal Success!
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Thanks for the suggestion! However this is an idea space specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community, not for Windows 11 or other products.


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