Windows 10 smart fusion

Windows 10 smart fusion



 Apr 28 2021
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Some people build there own (gaming pcs) etc


there is a huge problem with many operating systems for desktop pcs.


when u need a new hardrive u need to clean install windows . u can get ur documents and media synched from ur MS account etc.


in the past u could just clone/ghost ur hdd with older windows versions .


the thing i want to have is a smart thing , when u need a new primary hdd or a bigger one . u can install windows on the new one that the windows installation sees the old hdd as secondary and could say with updates etc u want to clone this windows on the new hdd . so no files are lost no bs of new installation of games but it just merges on the new hdd so u dont have to drag and drop files on the new windows.


even with my phone when i buy a new one i could just fuse them in to the new phone without losing anything.

 and then just clean the old hdd or keep it as backup . so everything could be just like when u ran windows and ur games etc on the old hhd/pc

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