Windows 10 Optimization

Windows 10 Optimization



 Oct 17 2023
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We need the last update, to be better optimized, because 22H2 runs horribly, especially on HDDs. Opening the Start menu takes 3 seconds, and clicking something in Settings takes 15 seconds (on NEW hardware, tested on Windows 8.1 to run great, using an HDD). Like I tested boot times, in speed, 8.1 was the first (49 seconds), Windows 7 was 2nd (1:17), and Windows 10... 2 minutes and 21 seconds. Even Windows 11 booted a little faster (1:54). You just make kind of a checkbox in the Windows Update tab, "Make Windows faster", that receives the 8.1 boot times and performance. Windows 8.1 uses ~600 MB of RAM, Windows 7 is around 900, but Windows 10 is freaking 2.4 GB of wholesome RAM out there. This horrible experience needs to be fixed.

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Hello - this is an idea space specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community website only, not for other products and services such as Windows 10. Sorry about that.


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