Windows 10 needs a Stock App

Windows 10 needs a Stock App



 Jan 19 2021
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Hi MS,


Windows users like Apple customers own stocks.  They need an app to track their portfolios.  This should be an easy feature to implement - simply copy the Stocks app as seen in macOs/iOS - same data feed from Yahoo!, same everything - maybe change the icon.


make it available in Windows 10 as a default app.


Don't rely on the developer community to deliver something.



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Hi @StephenLawton, there is an app that shows the stock market-related things and financial tools. It is called as MSN Money app which is there from Windows 8. You can download it for free from the Microsoft Store.


One thing I would like to tell is that the Ideas space in the Community Lounge is only made for posting ideas about the Microsoft Tech Community Website and not Microsoft's other products or services. Please post the topics in the appropriate Community Hubs. Windows 10 related suggestions or problems can be posted in the feedback hub app.

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Hello! As noted, this is a space specifically for ideas around the Microsoft Tech Community website, not around Windows or other products.


For Windows suggestions, try the Feedback Hub:

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