Why don't to add the Status into Ideas navigation?

Why don't to add the Status into Ideas navigation?



 Aug 17 2016
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I'm not sure what's the idea behind "All Ideas" drop-down menu on top-right of the Ideas block, perhaps that could be the right place.


It looks like so far we have two statuses

Under Review (as it was explained "Reviewed - Our team has read the idea" - What are the possible statuses for the Ideas); and

New Idea (other words MS team didn't read the idea).


I hope more statuses will appear in future and it will be useful to check ideas which are declined; or accepted and in work; or were implemented.

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Hi Sergei - here's a conversation from the Community Discussion board regarding the different statuses.


We hear you on the drop-down menu and we plan to make it more useful.

Hi Maddie - thank you, that's exactly the same link as in my post. The only my idea is to allow filtering on status basis. Will it be drop-down or whatever else is not very importnat if only that works on different browsers and devices.

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I apologize. I didn't see the link in your post. If go through all the ideas you will see that some have been marked as Accepted, too. Yep, we definitely hear you on filtering by status.

Some before I tried to find Accepted scrolling the pages and failed, even with few pages here and only bit more than hundred ides. Doesn't work. That's why I asked for filtering. Thank you.

Back to the implementation, found Skype community, same Lithium platform, filtering by statuses and tags looks nice https://community.skype.com/t5/Skype-Idea-Exchange/idb-p/Skype_Idea_Exchange


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