Volunteer Moderator Program in the Microsoft Tech Community

Volunteer Moderator Program in the Microsoft Tech Community



 Oct 25 2021
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This forum is fully managed by Microsoft Employees and sometimes response to moderator requests are time consuming. In other forums like Microsoft Answers or Microsoft Q&A, they have a program called Volunteer Moderator program where they get help from active community users to do a moderation. I believe to speed up the moderation for this forum, it is good idea to create such a program. Normally , those who have posted several questions and received marked as answer or like and have been active in forum, we be invited to program, I recommend the program should be as follow:


1) before granting the Volunteer Moderator status, you should provide them with a training and teach them how to do it.


2) You may monitor Volunteer Moderators and guide them and advise them on how to be a good moderator and evaluate them to decide if they will continue to be a moderator or not like three months observation (while having permission).


3) Volunteer moderators would be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Remove a post
  • Edit a post for CoC
  • Move a post to correct category
  • Monitor and take action on posts reported a abuse



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However, I do not support your idea your post in this discussion: Moderator reacts too slowly to requests! - Microsoft Tech Community
He convinced me that this could cause further abuse!

I certainly don't want anyone to edit or delete my posts (For reputation, or other reasons).

I have confidence in Microsoft employees - that's why I'm here!


I could agree with @Andrzej1 . Technical moderation is not a good idea. Violation of policies - MTC team is enough.

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Thank you for your feedback, I am going to put your idea under review as we have tried twice now to launch a Community Ambassador program but at the moment we are not resourced to run it.

Please do keep getting likes on the idea and we will use this to help make sure we can launch a program which has the appropriate structure and support to be successful. 

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Thank you @Allen , such a program is available in the Microsoft Answers and Microsoft Q&A forum and you may ask them about the experience and strengths and weaknesses.

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Thanks its not a lack of knowledge, I have been running online communities myself for over 15 years, as a form of employment, and for almost 30 years in my spare time and some of them had massive volunteer moderation programs, some had paid moderation programs and some, like Microsoft Tech Community leverage an existing super user program (MVPs) to help with moderation. We also have some fairly powerful AI moderation here.


As I mentioned in my previous message at this time we are not resourced to properly support one, that may change and obviously if it does I will update here. 

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Thank you @Allen for the clarification.