Upload Macro-Enabled Files

Upload Macro-Enabled Files



 Dec 15 2017
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Why don't you allow us to upload Macro-Enabled files?

Sometimes we need to upload files that contain macros to help some people!

If this is for security reasons, what about the earlier extensions that can save macros and VBA projects such as .doc and .xls? it's allowed!



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@Haytham Amairah


Thank you for your idea, I will discuss with our wider team and make sure there are no security concerns we need to take account of then feedback to you.


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Status changed to: Not at this time.

@Haytham Amairah


I have reviewed this with the wider team and, having considered the potential risks of potentially malicious code being distributed via the community, decided this is not a attachment type we would like to support at this time. 


While I appreciate the vast majority of user would use this responsibly, keeping customers data secure is our top priority. You can of course continue to share code in the community which users would then be free to use. 

Simple zip of macro-enabled file is also works. But in general it's not a good idea to distribute such files on sites like this. Or Microsoft shall carefully check each such file before it appears on site.


Quite many macro-based attacks were distributed under the mask of great suggestions from "IT technicians".

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