Tracking read notifications

Tracking read notifications



 Sep 15 2016
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The count of notification gets erased after we view just one of the many notification. There is no easy way to identify which of the many notifications we have viewed, i.e., if 5 people have responded to 5 different posts and I only have time to read one of them, i can't determine which ones i have not read. Yammer get track of this process quite nicely.

Please go get some of the Yammer dev team members as consulants for the UI in this network.


Also, please separate the Likes, Mentions and Response, having them all in one big long list is confusing and makes it hard to focus on the replies.

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Other communities based on Lithium behave differently, for example in the Power user community there is a column that shows New items, when i view the post thread that turns from a count to 0 which immediatly tells me that i don't need to view that thread again. here is the example

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Thanks for the clarification. I have deleted my comment above which is for "Individually marking notifications (under the bell at the top right) as read" where as what we are speaking about here is "Read posts, threads and replies"


We actually have fixed this just the other day so i will merge this idea into the one that contains that info. 


Again thanks for clarifying. 

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So I have re-read this thread today an feel we have delivered your idea in the comments i.e. the ability to mark an individual post as read.


The issue with marking individual notifications as read in the bell at the top would require development work from Lithium, which correct me if I am wrong, is what I think this idea started out being about.. lets take this opportunity to mark this as complete and if you still want to have an idea to mark individual notifications as read in under the bell let me know and I will create a new idea for it. 

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