Thumbnail preview of images and weblinks in replies

Thumbnail preview of images and weblinks in replies



 Sep 09 2016
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The current 'attachment' icon for an image attached to a post / reply is too easy to miss. Can a thumbnail be used or some other more noticeable graphic element?


We investigated changing the browse button styling and unfortunately the browse button is browser based and is not something that we can style.  But we'll continue to investigate to see if there is anything we can do to make this more prominent.

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@Brian Mather,


Thanks for your Idea, Images are not attached as attachments, or not normally and web links can be trouble some for many reasons.

I wonder if the ask here is to simply make the "Attachment" area under each post more visible?

If so we could either try to create a program icon for each attachment so that pptx has a PowerPoint image, xlsx would be excel and PDF would have the PDF logo. Or would it be better to have some sort of preview of the contents of the file at the bottom?


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I am closing this due to no reply but also I have better clarity from our developers.


We would not be able to impliment attachment preview in message as this would represent a security risk if any malicious code was uploaded to the community.


The injecting the icons idea sounds great but we would need to re-write the entire editor / viewer window to faciliate that. Its just not something in our Roadmap at this time. 

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