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 Mar 16 2021
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To whom it may concern,

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I am a very active user of Teams, and really appreciate the service.


Although MS Office has good options for splitting slides and notes for dual screen. But whether single or dual screen there could be justified use for a teleprompter panel when presenting with screen share.


I would like to see a transparent overlay (with adjustable size / position on screen) that is "invisible" to screen share, which has click through (i.e. "invisible" to mouse-clicks), and text is set to uneditable during the presentation. Various methods such as mouse wheel off-screen could be used to advance the teleprompter.


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T Ahiska

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Problem - How do I look my audience in the eye while presenting via Teams etc...


This is exactly what I also need.


"a transparent overlay (with adjustable size/position on screen) that is "invisible" to screen share."


A slam dunk for home-based PPT presentations using Teams, Zoom etc.


I'm surprised after 20 months of home working this is not available yet. The OP describes the feature perfectly.


How hard can it be?

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While we appreciate the suggestion, this space is intended for ideas specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for products such as Teams. Sorry about that!

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Check out this app on the MS Store Virtual Teleprompter.

This should meet the requirements you posted.

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Thank you mysi5, but this does not solve the issue as most corporate PC's do not allow installation of 3rd party software.