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Tech Community Idea and UserVoice



 Mar 06 2020
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Microsoft Community Submit idea feature is cool and easy , but some of Microsoft Product Groups still request users to submit their idea through UserVoice. For purpose of integrity, it would be nice to have once place to share all ideas. For this purpose, it is good idea to check with product groups who are using UserVoice for their requirements and features , so you could make it possible they could use this platform to receive idea from users instead of uservoice. In addition, UserVoice is not supporting Microsoft Account and new account should be created which has some new privacy concerns since it is not Microsoft domain.

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UserVoice Privacy Policy:

reading through it, looks fine to me

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UserVoice privacy statement is okay, but we have to see privacy in action.

For example, Google Privacy Statement is fine too, but in action we see more privacy protection in Microsoft.

In addition, I love the integrity so I could use Microsoft Account everywhere. Support for Microsoft Account is very important.

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Uservoice needs to have Microsoft account login when Microsoft hosts majority of their things on their website

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Thanks for your feedback, we do this as a matter of course and all the teams that want to be here are.