Task bar icon click launches to same window as clicked window

Task bar icon click launches to same window as clicked window



 Mar 03 2022
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When a user has multiple screens/monitors, if the user clicks an icon on the taskbar, that application should launch to the same window as the window that the icon was click in.


There could be an option for that to be selected as a preference within Windows settings.


Why: The user has probably decided that screen is the location for application use, hence they selected the icon in that window (not the other windows).

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So e.g. a shortcut for MS Excel could be on the task bar and the same shortcut icon appears on the task bar on Display A and B and C. If the user clicks the MS Excel shortcut from the taskbar on Display C, then MS Excel opens on Display C

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Thanks for the idea! However, this is an idea space specifically intended for ideas for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not products such as Excel. Sorry about that.


To give feedback or submit ideas about Excel, we'd recommend going here instead: https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/forum/c23f3b77-f01b-ec11-b6e7-0022481f8472