Sync with Windows Insider MVP website for MVP tag in Microsoft Tech Community

Sync with Windows Insider MVP website for MVP tag in Microsoft Tech Community



 Jun 24 2020
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List of Windows Insider MVP will be posted on: 

There should be automatic sync between above website and Microsoft Tech Community and it could be done using id or account associated with profile to automatically add tag for Windows Insider MVP in Microsoft Tech Community website or remove for ones who are no longer MVP.


It looks stupid, but I'm on MTC with one account, as MVP have another account (however both above have the same email alias) and third account on Windows insider.


Actually I don't care about sync, work with Windows Insider builds quite seldom on one of virtual machines. Just a comment that sync could be not straightforward.

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It would have some technical difficulty, but let say, you could login in your MVP profile and add the URL to your Tech Community profile and it automatically sync and add MVP badge.

People in Tech Community need to manually add MVP badge and it is sending email to them and I request this feature to reduce emailing.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived , I have nothing against the sync if it is properly implemented. On my memory there was one attempt of syncing of MVP and MTC sites, as result my MVP rank disappeared.

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@Sergei Baklan you got the point and you are right, it should be properly implemented and well tested.

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@Reza_Ameri-Archived  before we consider this we need to decide if or how we are going to recognize Windows Insider MVPs within the Microsoft Tech Community.


Unfortunately creating a sync of this nature has many many challenges, some of which you have discussed in this thread. We actually do still have an automatic sync with the MVP portal still, however we have not come up with a good solution that fixes all possible profile discrepancies between the two systems.


In an ideal world we would have something in the MVP portal, or any other portal we were syncing from, where you could 'connect' your MVP Profile to the Microsoft Tech Community but there is not currently the resources to implement such a connection in either team and connecting profiles in this manner can be tricky when you also have comply with data protection regulations.


I will keep this idea on Hold until we have a firmer idea what we want to do to showcase Microsoft Insider MVPs contributions within the Microsoft Tech Community.